We Educate:Education of girl children is fundamental to the progress of society

Education and awareness plays an important role in development and progress of any individual, especially women.

We Promote Health& Hygiene:Healthy living is a choice that each individual can make.

Healthy and Hygiene practices in the organization starts with students,staff and further into the communities.

We Involve Communities:Any social change requires an active participation of the target community

We have continuous interaction in order to take pulse of the community,without we believe that any assessment or relevance, no social change can sustain and be successful.

We Believe in Economic Empowerment:To empower girls to be resourceful and independent, and in control of their destiny.

We provide girls with broader knowledge, variety of skills, computer and technical education, so they can be employed and support their families.



October 2011

Computer Lab

October 2012

Science Lab

Jan 19th 2012, Science lab was inaugurated.

Solar System

March 1st 2012

Solar Lantern

August 2013,Solar Lantern was distributed.

Cycle Bank

August 2013,Cycle Bank programme was launched.

Health & Hygiene

Health Camp

August 2013 & March 2014 General health camp was conducted.

Eye Camp

November 12th 2013,Eye camp was conducted.

Community Initiatives


December 2013,Toilet was constructed.

Economic Empowerment

Call Center Employment

November 2012,Training was started.Four girls have been employed.


Bhagwati Sarla Paliwal Kanya Inter
college run by BSPES is 2nd place
among girls schools with 3.64/5.00 points
in entire Aligarh District.

It is top 12 schools in Aligarh
district among all schools.

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Rank Status

    The game competition was organized by

Games competition report

The Rangoli and essay competition were
organized by BSPES and PSPES

Rangoli & Essay competition report